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  • Solid Steel Universal AR-15 Easy Jig HD
  • Solid Steel Universal AR-15 Easy Jig HD
  • Solid Steel Universal AR-15 Easy Jig HD
  • Solid Steel Universal AR-15 Easy Jig HD
  • Solid Steel Universal AR-15 Easy Jig HD


Solid Steel Universal AR-15 Easy Jig HD

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Our new solid steel AR-15 Easy Jig HD™ (heavy-duty) takes the world's most popular universal-fit router jig to a whole new level of indestructibility. It weighs in at a whopping 9.5 lbs, making it the heaviest jig available today. All parts that come into contact with cutting tools are made out of solid steel.

The patented Easy Jig HD allows you to complete an 80% lower in about 1/3 the time it takes to complete a lower on an old style drill press jig. This jig is easy enough for a caveman to use. It definitely lives up to its name. You also save money on tools. You do not need to own a drill press, mill, or any measuring tools to use the Easy Jig®.

Our standard Easy Jig has survived drilling out up to one hundred lowers. The Easy Jig HD will last even longer. If you do not have a need to finish large quantities of lowers, our original Easy Jig may be a more cost effective option. The original Easy Jig is available here and retails for $149.99.

Easy Jig® highlights:

  • Universal Fit
    • We guarantee that the AR15 Easy Jig will fit all forged, and billet AR15 lower receivers except for New Frontier Armory, Iconic Industries, and lowers with Ambidextrous Bolt releases.  
  • Easier
    • Built in drill/end-mill depth gauge for the trigger and rear-shelf pockets.
    • Eliminates the need for expensive measurement tools
    • Quick verification of depth setting – eliminates slippage issues that can ruin parts
    • Eliminates constant measuring to determine depth while milling
  • Safer
    • End-mill downward force can’t separate the drill press taper chuck
    • It is safer to move router by hand than to move the jig around on a drill press
  • Uses Common Hand Tools
    • The Easy Jig will hold tight tolerances using a common hand-drill
    • No drill press is required, milling is done with a router
    • Routers are much more portable than a drill press, easily borrowed from a friend
    • Routers are made for cutting pockets using a template
    • Routers are cheaper than a drill press (about 75% less expensive).
  • Faster
    • Pocket drilling requires 10 holes drilled once – Traditional jigs require 42 holes to be drilled once, precisely aligned and clamped, then re-drilled to a larger diameter
    • Trigger pocket can be cut in 6 to 11 passes vs 25 passes required with a drill press
    • Router cuts pockets 5-6x faster
    • Hand-drilling the trigger group/safety selector holes is faster to setup
    • Lower can be completed in under 1 hour (vs of 3 hours for the old drill press method)
  • Durable
    • The Easy Jig HD is hands down the heaviest, most durable jig that you can buy today.

Lower Replacement Program: In the remote chance you make a mistake while using an 80% Arms Jig that damages your 80% Arms lower, we will replace your lower at a 50% discount off of the list price.

*Router and tool kit are NOT included.


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